brand concept “future vintage”



京都 友禅染での染色や、群馬 桐生でのシルク、レーヨン生地の生産、浮世絵を用いたデザインなど、



念頭におき“future vintage”というテーマを掲げております。






brand concept “future vintage”

Aloha shirts (Hawaiian shirts) were born in Hawaii in the 1930s, and the country of Japan was deeply involved in its history.

NIPOALOHA has inherited the manufacturing process of Japanese patterned aloha shirts made from kimonos of the time, which are now considered vintage, and by sharing the spirit of craftsmanship with Japanese craftsmen with the best skills in the world, such as dyeing by Kyoto Yuzen Dyeing, silk and rayon fabric production in Kiryu, Gunma, and design using Ukiyo-e, we have created aloha shirts that cannot be imitated by others.

In addition, we have set up the theme of "future vintage" with the aim of evolving the aloha shirt from the perspective of modern needs and modes, while following the techniques of the time.

We believe that we are responsible for creating a page in the history of aloha shirts by continuing to make "aloha shirts that will be treasured".